City-to-City Map Installation | ISEA2015-DISRUPTION

ISEA2015-DISRUPTION: August 14 – 19, 2015

Vancouver, BC. Canada

I’m very happy to be participating in ISEA2015: 21st International Symposium on Electronic Art in Vancouver, BC. Bills Hsu and I will be presenting “City to City: Revealing Place to Place,” a paper that discusses “City to City”, the culminating project from my Zero1 Fellowship (2013-14).

Our paper presentation is scheduled on Thursday, August 18 (4-5:30 pm) in the session titled “Exploring Culture through Visualization and Interaction.”


TheWall-TheWorld | unplace: networked art: places-between-places

unplace: June 19-Nov 19, 2015

I am pleased to have TheWall-TheWorld included in unplace: networked art: places-between-places. unplace is an online exhibition bringing together “Internet and web-specific artworks in which the tensions between real and virtual spaces are highlighted through online practices, ranging from geopoetics, fiction and hacktivism to participatory projects in networked environments.”

Other artists in the exhibition include: Ahmed El Saher (Egypt), Ai Weiwei (China) & Olafur Eliasson (Denmark, Germany), Alfredo Jaar (Chile/USA), Art is Open Source (Italy), Clement Valla (France/USA), Giselle Beiguelman (Brazil), MIIAC-João Paulo Serafim (Portugal), JODI (Belgium/Netherlands), John Barber (USA), Paula Levine (Canada/USA), Thomson & Craighead (UK), Wilfredo Prieto (CUB), Perry Bard (Canadá), LiMaC –Sandra Gamarra (Peru/Spain) & Antoine-Henry Jonquères (France/Spain), Hanna Husberg (Finland/Sweden) & Laura McLean (Australia/UK),  S.A.R.L. group (Portugal).

Please visit the online exhibition here.


Seeing Is Believing | Seeing is Believing: A Reinvention of Articles of Faith

Seeing is Believing: March 11- May 27, 2015

San Diego Center for Jewish Culture: The Gotthelf Art Gallery
San Diego, CA

The Transparent Bible and Bible Rorschachs, two works from the series, as if the laws were malleable, are showing in Seeing is Believing: A Reinvention of Articles of Faith, curated by Debby and Larry Kline, winners of the 2013 San Diego Art Prize. The exhibit features artists “who contemplate how faith meshes with contemporary life, the role of ritual and symbolism, and the metamorphosis of traditional symbols as they become immersed into popular culture.”

Artists include: Michelangelo Buonarroti, Einar and Jamex De La Torre, Dave Ghilarducci, Paula Levine and Cheryl Nickel.


Opening Events for ZERO1 Fellowship/x

Wednesday, January 22, 2014 – 06:30
ZERO1 Garage

Just over a year ago, we gathered at the ZERO1 Garage to meet the first class of ZERO1 Fellows. They dove headfirst into their innovation challenges – researching, inventing, experimenting, prototyping – and now the moment has arrived. Join us January 22nd to unveil the possibilities and discover the Fellows’ unique responses to their respective innovation challenges. Learn more about Fellowship/x here.




For many people, the notion of origin suggests a narrative of immigrating to one place from another, having daily roots in one country and familial, cultural or historical roots in another. However, since the proliferation of public access to DNA testing, narratives of origin have become more nuanced portraits of who we are and where we have come from, giving diversity visibility, as it is embodied within each of us.

Along those same lines, our daily use of the web and wireless connections contains geo-spatial diversity that is invisible to most of us, most of the time;  hidden dimensions of multi-variant pathways and relationships to elsewhere. For many these pathways of global connections and interconnections are invisible, but, what if that could change? What could this information reveal about the complex relationships we have both to and within these emerging global systems?  If tracked as a more common visible byproduct of each connection, what information would it reveal about the system and sites that sustain and enable it? Could it contribute to an emerging global perspective based not on physical properties of space or location, but rather on revised, complicated relationships to local and global?

These considerations have led me back to data visualization and projects that have represented information in ways that powerfully alter our relationships to it.



May 2013

Public space, place to place connections using emerging global communication technology for a greater common good. I’ve been searching the web for projects and works that bring these together. Do send along suggestions for projects (my zero1 email). A few from what I’ve gathered thusfar follow:

Spontaneous Interventions
Design Actions for the Common Good at the Chicago Cultural Center from May 24 to September 1, 2013. Organized by Cathy Lang Ho and in affiliation with the New York Institute for Urban Design, an event and series of works that focus on the city and public space. From the curator: “Our goal is to use the exhibition as a framework for understanding a larger movement, in which citizens all over the world are devising and implementing clever, low-barrier urban interventions to make their cities more inclusive, sustainable, pleasurable, and safer…we have organized a rich roster of programs that will place the trend of tactical urbanism in the context local urban issues and citizen action.”


Google Earth

April 2, 2013

I find myself in the remarkable position of being a ZERO1 Fellow, engaged in the challenge of bringing underlying ideas from previous work to the foreground to shape a project that enables connections between disparate places and circumstances. The underlying force is empathy; that curious ability to project ourselves into the experiences of others. To paraphrase Susan Sontag in Regarding the pain of others, place ourselves on the map of another’s suffering, bypassing sympathy, and imagine their suffering as our own.[Susan Sontag. Regarding the pain of others (Picador, 2004),103.]

These ideas have been the undercurrent of work I’ve done since 2004, work that attempted to make, even hypothetical bridges between disparate places to imagine circumstances and events that take place in one location, in relation to (an untouched and unrelated) other. Now, here with this fellowship, and it’s affiliation with Google and their world of inventions and products, my challenge is to give form and life to these ideas, envisioning a way to facilitate such connections and offer such experiences in some combination of physical and virtual space.