Google Earth, Internet Browser, Interactive Installation

TheWall-TheWorld transposes a 15-mile segment of the planned over 400 mile long wall in the West Bank upon any city a viewer choses.

In the left window, the segment of the wall appears in its original location between two Palestinian towns–Abu Dis, in the south, and Qalandiya, in the north.

In the right window, the wall appears within any city a viewer choses.

Viewers can use navigation tools in Google Earth to explore the spaces in parallel.

Selected Exhibits
  • ISEA (Belgrade, Ireland, 2009)
  • Interactive Futures 09, Emily Carr University, Vancouver, BC
  • LA RE: Play, University of California, Los Angeles
  • Conney Conference
Essays & Presentations
  • Video: Original footage taken of monument and cultural sites in Jerusalem matching corresponding 19th century stereogram views.
  • Text: Historical events taking place the year of the stereogram and 100 years later; selections from The Jew as Pariah by Hannah Arendt.
  • Stereogram Images: From Underwood and Underwood Publishers.

Christopher Zimmerman


Paul Rademacher (Gulf Coast Oil Spill)